By “sharing the Force” we mean not only Star Wars, but the force of friendship, creativity, caring, and fun, as well. Jonathan Lucia-Wright, together with support from other Star Wars fans and celebrities like Warwick Davis, hosted “Feel the Force Day” in the United Kingdom. The event, billed as the “first ever Star Wars meet and greet day especially for visually impaired people, disabled, and adults with learning difficulties,” focused on sharing Star Wars with those who might enjoy the saga, but who might not be able to take part in a standard convention. Lucia-Wright brought in masks, action figures, costumes, and props for the fans to experience, and enlisted the help of other passionate fans who came in costume, like Simon Wilke who costumes as C-3PO.

“It was a real pleasure and honour to be Threepio for those that have never seen him,” recalls Wilke. “I met many who loved Star Wars but who had no visual knowledge of the characters. Also one man had known Star Wars when a boy and loved it. It was very emotional for him and me for him to be able to experience a droid as he remembered seeing one over 30 years ago.” Photos submitted by Jonathan Lucia-Wright.