Who are we?
 We are the 1stSensory Legion 

Which is??

A small charitable organization

What do you do ?

We enable access to the world of film and television and popular culture for people for visually impaired and disabled people

How do you do that?

We do that by running events throughout the year that are as accessible as possible.
All costumers that attend must be ok with being touched/handled.

We have a prop and toy area all of which is tactile and can be touched

 Masks by Chris Stephens creations
We also had donations from etsy sellers
items such as these made such a fantastic impact for the visually impaired
we also use smell jars – which contain various smells from films

we have various interpreters available on the day

we have any print items produced in large print and braille where applicable

2014 we will be introducing multi media nfc chips which will link to audio descriptive/B.S.L signed/ close captioned videos of various characters

we have a small group of professionals who volunteer on the day who are experienced in working with disabled people and adults with learning disabilities.

Carers always go free

How many people was expected at your last event?


How many turned up?

Over 400
( this was due to the attendance and support of actor Warwick Davis)
how many are you planning for this year?

Our venue holds 10,000 but we are only letting in 2,000

Why do you do this?

For whatever reason it is not always practical for a disabled people to attend conventions, crowds, costs, travel etc etc.

Through our own experiences with friends and relatives it is a mission!

After the last event – the need for such a day has been made very clear 
 Chewy was a tactile hit!
Ava Loved the real wookie fur.

so we decided to hold our own event

As far as we know we are the only people in the world doing this, and its a honor to be able to introduce all of these different worlds to people who may not have experienced them before
it also allows us to unlock memories through touch and feel.
It becomes so much more than dressing up and going out.

Imagine not knowing anything about Dr Who?
Or even knowing a character but having no idea of its appearance – Slimer for instance.
All of these missing links can be found at feel the force day.

Do you use costumers?
Yes – Costumers are the life and soul of our convention, we have some celebs but due to the nature of the day our guests tend to be drawn towards Darth Vader and a stormtroopers.
We keep the celebs involved as it is an important part of a convention.
But costumers are real to a lot of our guys.
So costumers are free at our events, as they are like staff and without them we have no event.
The same goes with droids.
 (we are also the only convention in the world to have a tactile slave Leia – 
only for the visually impaired)

We also have a mascott who came dressed as an ewok on the day
meet Mugly – the worlds ugliest dog 2013

Do you go to other conventions?

Yes – we attend collectormania, em-con, and LFCC , we use our stall as a base for any disabled people who need a rest or a break, we also use it to fund raise and create awareness about what we do

How can people help?

Well there are a few ways, they can

1 – have a go at our tombola when they see us stalling out at conventions

2 – Let Jimmy who is Deaf AND blind,feel your costume (if you have one!)
This is how Jimmy learns about films, and various characters

3 – have a photo taken with our “ I support feel the force day” t shirt or a sign

4 – Donate any items for our fundraising – signed photos etc
5 – Donate any film or tv related toys, props, masks etc, painted, unpainted, unfinished, broken
we will use these items on our touch table

6 – Are you a celeb signer? Would you like to be a guest at “feel the force day” in October?
Please contact si@extremeclowning.com

7 – just donate

Feel the force day official video – 2013

Our mention in SFX

As featured on the official Star Wars blog – Bantha Trax – 

Warwick Davis wearing a “feel the force day”
T-Shirt during the Disney star wars weekends 2014

Last years Poster

This years Poster
Honorary Members

Steve Sansweet

Warwick Davis

Thank you for reading