Feel The Force day 2014 A.A.A

Feel The Force day 2014 A.A.A is the only convention in the world designed for visually impaired and disabled people.

Our first event started as a small gathering for some visually impaired people and escalated into over 400 disabled people ranging from 2 – 86!
Some traveling from as far as Devon.

This year we are aiming bigger and better and trying to round up as many costumers as we possibly can – covering every genre.

Our event is all about the costumers and the engagement between them and the visitors, we had some celebrity’s last year, and Warwick Davies heavily endorses the project but we find due to the nature of the day, our guests thrive on meeting there favorite characters more than anything else.

We try to enable access by encouraging touch smell, and even taste.
A lot of our visually impaired guests love to feel and handle props and costumes to help them understand characters in a better way.
They feel to see and not to test the strength of your item!

All guests on the day are in attendance with family, friends and carers / support

We are a non profit community interest company and not a charity, we have very little budget – if any, as this year we are having to pay for our venue wich is HUGE!

Clck here to visit the venue website

so we try and negotiate where we can, we thoroughly understand that not everything is free, and we can offer SOME petrol costs and refreshments  – we do what we do because it is important to us to spread this world of fun that we all enjoy so much to a group of people who maybe cannot access it as easily as we can.

After many discussions we have decided that our event is prioritized for disabled people – (if there is any tickets left we will open it to the general public but this will be announced nearer the event)  until then tickets are only available to visually impaired, disabled, and people with learning difficulties.

After our last event despite its busyness, everybody was in the same boat so there was a huge amount of understanding and co-operation, if somebody made a funny noise it was not an issue, if someone was in a wheel chair (or a bed) people got out of the way, this aided the day to run smooth and also to help create a relaxed atmosphere

Over 400 people attended the first one, over half of these had never been to a convention before, a lot had always wanted to go but for whatever reason it is not always practical (travel, expense, support, crowds etc)
and 10 guys in wheelchairs came just to see the tactile slave leia.

Yes we are the only convention to have a tactile slave leia, its tru – its not a joke.

We invite individual costumers plus groups from all over the U.Kand we all work together on the day whatever our differences
We are there to make some smiles and create some memory’s for some people that matter – we are there to do good please leave any moans and groans at home

Please spread the word to as many costumers as you can, we are also always on the look out for larger props ie Daleks, vehicles, etc

                                                         here is a video of our last event

Our mention in Bantha Trax the official Star Wars Blog – this was also featured in Star Wars insider


What next?

We are all over facebook out legion is the 1st sensory legion

feel the force day page

plus a staff events page for costumers who can definitely  attend






phone – 07967017021