A Little Inspiration.

Yesterday I was incredibly inspired by the lovely, uplifting post of @illgiveitago.  It got me thinking about somebody else that inspires me…my friend Jimmy.

Jimmy can’t see, he has been blind since he was 17 years old.  He’s now in his 40’s.  He doesn’t let blindness hold him back.  He enjoys a rich life, he does things that he enjoys and he laughs, EVERY DAY.  Oh, and there’s something else,  Jimmy can’t hear either.  He’s been profoundly deaf since birth.  His happy go lucky attitude to everything is a joy to behold and an example to us all.  He is an amazing human being, always taking an interest in others and doing his very best to brighten their day.  Nothing makes him happier than when he’s making somebody else laugh.
He’s ever afraid to try new things.  If me and my husband plan a day out and ask if he’d like to come he says yes first, then asks what we’re doing.  Nothing phases him and he’s never afraid to take another leap into the unknown – I wish I was more like Jimmy.
Oh, and he’s a sod. He has a wicked sense of humour and has very often woken us up in the morning with a trick up his sleeve.  My favourite so far being when he came in throwing bits of bread at us and quacking like a demented fat duck.
He can’t speak.  We communicate with him by sign, using DeafBlind manual.  It looks like this.

We spell out the beautiful world we are lucky enough to be able to see and hear, onto our friends hand and he takes in each colourful word and see’s it in his own unique way.
Nothing is impossible and we are luckier than we think.