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Always on the cutting edge with innovative concepts and surprising ideas, ACTIVE PEOPLE has been making and selling toys for over 20 years.
Toys that get you moving, toys that engage your imagination and creativity – toys for mind, body and soul…
We love to play – join us!
Active people send me a whole range of different stimulating and exciting toys which i use within my work
creating fun and physical and creational stimulation for various people that i work with
with disabilities of all kinds
This toy allows my friend jimmy to be creative.
without any help or assistance
Jimmy was born deaf and went blind at the age of 17 – he is now 43
the video below shows him discovering sakol for the first time
Jimmy’s sakol creations
a car
a tractor
jimmy !
a pig
 PC270165 PC270166
an owl
an ostrich
a toilet !

i have other toys which i use which i will be posting results and videos a.s.a.p
please take a look at there website
and encourage play .