Below is some script straight from facebook
Jimmys answers are so interesting
and the questions was great

 We are now taking questions for our next Blog post.
have you ever wondered what it is like to be both Deaf and blind?
please post your questions here before midnight tonight

  •  Not sure if jimmy was born deaf/ blind so.. Does jimmy dream when he’s asleep? If so does he see/ hear from past memories? Does he feel in his dreams? As we often re inact what we have done during the day.

  • What does jimmy think of Facebook as I know he is new to it but has difficulty accessing it

  • Does jimmy have any heroes or people he looks up to?

  • Does jimmy have any favourite textures or ones he hates?

  • Does jimmy ever wish things had been different or is he happy with the friends and experiences he’s had along the way?

  • What’s his favourite memory?

  • If jimmy could do any job in the world what would it be?

  • Right first thing he does dream in photographs and he does dream of past memories

  • Jimmy loves Facebook it has helped him to be able to communicate with people that normally could not communicate with him

  • Jimmy says his favourite memories are of people’s faces from when he could see

  •  He didn’t really understand the concept of heroes but when I explained it a bit more He said me And claire bless him

  • Awh thats nice.

  • His favourite texture was wet melted chocolate he doesn’t like the feel of thin people and Afro hair lol

  • Good man, no don’t like the feel of thin people either haha

  • t He says he is very happy with his friends and experiences that he has had and dos not want to change anything and he does not miss being able to see he loves life and stays happy – his words

  • I thought that would be his answer. He smiles a lot and has a lovely laugh. Signs of a happy if not different life.
  • t Jimmy said he would love to work on a farm or a pet shop

  • Thank you so much for asking these questions I know a lot of people have questions But are very scared to ask and Jimmy does love answering them xx

  • He asks where you are from are deaf and are you married lol

  •  Thanks for answering them. I’m not scared just not had the opportunity.

  • Hahaha I’m from Oldham . I am hearing and yes am married. Lol

  • But I’m not thin and I don’t have Afro hair!!

  • That’s why he wants to know if you married lol

  • Lol

  • What is it about pigs that jimmy loves so much? If he had one wish, what would it be? If he had to choose one from seeing or hearing which would it be and why? Xx

  • The pig thing goes back to when he was young and his family’s Used to say heeats like a pig and then he did see them farm and really loves them

  • He has just produced a cuddly pig out of his bag lol were on the way to a concert oh god why lol

  •  He would choose to see as he would like to watch tv

  • an emergency pig,you never know when you might need one of course!

  • His wish would be to see fish as they are very pretty colours