Jimmy loves chocolate
so as part of his Christmas present we got him tickets for a coach trip to Cadburys world
Jimmy last went on a coach in 2000
I wrote to Cadburys before hand to tell them of the situation
and just to see what they had that we could touch, the lady that helped us was called Yvette
and she was amazing, she sent us 2 brochures a few weeks before so i could start filling jimmy with vital information before we got there.

Jimmy in starbucks – having our chocolate bar conversation, by doing this i discovered 3 bars that he did not know about
and they were Double Decker, Bourneville and Time out

Cadburys also refunded Jimmy’s tickets admission.
They also informed the various departments about our visit, to see what they could do extra to make Jimmy’s visit a bit special.

On the bus after picking Jimmy up
you can see how excited he is

Playing at the bus stop waiting for the coach

Claire mannualing to Jimmy with a stick!

Jimmys face after claire told him he has to walk!

Jimmy excited and playing

I see the coach

on board

Coffee break

19 miles to go

Not only was this going to be a fun day but also a day of taste , smells, learning and discovery.

Jimmy learnt how chocolate is made, and everything i told him was backed up by taste or smell or an object to feel.
we learnt how the coco beans come from a pod, which jimmy felt, he was able to feel and smell the coco nibs, he could also smell the coco butter and the coco essence.
He was able to smell the amazing chocolate through the entire factory.
He also tried filling molds with the chocolate, and banging a cooled mold to get the chocolates out.
He also learnt how they used to temper the chocolate many years ago.
We went from start to finish, through the whole process he also told me at least twice how interesting it all was.
Before this visit he had no idea or concept about chocolate making.
i suppose it just sort of appears in a shop and he buys it, he did tell me that he thought all the different chocolate bars was made by the same people, he was shocked to learn that there was 3 different manufacturers (Cadbury,nestle,mars)

This turned out to be Jimmys favourite
He remembers it from his childhood
although he calls it Daisy milk – for some reason!
He was amazed at the different sizes that was available



even bigger

even bigger

Jimmy laughing very loud!


“this is JJ” – Cheecky sod

The shop was an event in itself!
so much to feel
and discover

Jimmy making a list of what he wants to buy!

Jimmy loves Easter eggs

As things tend to take a little with longer with Jimmy
we managed to get in half an hour before our aloted time, which really helped

Aztec Jungle

This took some explainig

 Journey to Europe

Approached by 2 friendly pirates

Smelling the co co nibs

Bull street

Learning the Cadburys story
Jimmy loved how the cadburys brothers looked after there workers
and that they was like one big family

Jimmy chose to be inside an easter egg!

the packaging plant

a few stairs…

This was the moment when the smell had really hit us
it was really strong here
so strong jimmy stopped and had a chat about it

i tried to explain the packing machines to him, but i wasn’t really sure he was interested until we got on the coach to go home and he talked about them for ages
he was so interested

i dont think he had ever experienced machines like that before
just small household machines
nothing to this scale and versatility


Jimmy loved this ride, he loved the movement
and we had no problem getting in and out
unlike some rides we have been on!


demonstration Area

This is where we met Elaine
and she was an angel
she signed to Jimmy and totally took control
she let him feel her face
and really made him feel happy

Feeling the co co pod

shaking the pod to feel the co co beans

smelling some co co nibs

Her we go….

This was so messy and so much fun

Now thats tactile

as you can imagine Jimmy loved this


Jimmy feeling a reel of wrapping
which he told me on the way there that he remembers it is purple

feeling one of the old chocolate molds
these was not very practical as they would burn in the oven

Jimmy smelling a chocolate from a mold

Jimmys apron
Chocolate developement quality

Tempering the chocolate

Jimmy picked this up no problem and was able to do without my help

By feeling and doing, this is how jimmy learns.
i can sit and talk to him all day
but unless there is any objects of reference, nothing really sinks in.
By doing the task he is able to Gage size and weight, even materials.
He would not have known the word pod or mold
he may know what they are, but he may not link the name with them.
so by telling him about the chocolate making process and then letting experience it himself
this completely emerges him into the process and by touch taste and smell he finds out everything he needs to know

Having a rest and waiting for the coach

Thank you Cadbury world

Who helped Jimmy make chocolate
he really loved you to bits
and didnt stop talking about you all the way home
you was fantastic

thanks for making our day extra special

we had an amazing day
and this was thanks to the love and commitment of the staff
nothing was to much trouble
thank you all once again

for helping us to arrange everything
and sending us information prior to our visit
thank you for going that extra mile for us x

our video