2012 was our best year yet
Arranging over 40 events in total
from shows to concerts and zoo’s to museums
we have been in cages with zoo animals and stroked wolfmens faces – 
ive had a ten minute conversation with Karl Pilkington about Jimmy!
We are always on the look out for new ideas – or events that we can bring our service users to
whether it be a show, or an event we will always find someone suitable that ill gain something from the experience 
( if we cant then we will bring Jimmy! he will do anything and go anywhere – hes just glad to get out )
so if you can help in anyway
by donating tickets (preferably 3 )
or helping us arrange a meet and greet or a touch tour of  costumes and props 
please let me know
Or even if you wish to donate money to go towards our trips and days out
this can be done via our website
Thank you Chuy – one of our highlights for 2012