Extreme Clowning
A look back at
Holiday on ice
Enzo has Cerebral Palsy and does a HUGE amount for the community,
so every now and then we take him out on a trip
he has always wanted to see ice skating live.
Mugenkyo Drummers
This was Totally amazing
Jimmy felt the rhythm of the drums through his feet and up through his chest
his tapping along was in perfect time – all the way through,
and we got to play the drums afterwards – thank you guys
calendar girls – funded by Lisa Riley
Another memorable show
this was kindly funded by Lisa herself – who Jimmy has a huge fondness for
This taught about cancer and how it effects different people
Talon – the best of the Eagles
Enzos favourite band
another fantastic night
Kevin Bloody Wilson
3 Tickets donated by Kevin himself
i have never seen Alex laugh so much
almost to the point of choking
pure magic!

Long nose puppets – penguin
Such a beautiful show
lovely pacing for interpreting
fun characters and a non complicated fun story
thumbs up all round
and we got to feel the puppets – fantastic!

The circus of horrors
One of the highlights of the year for me
was Jimmy meeting Chuy the Wolf boy
and also for the first time jimmy felt the pain of the circus of horrors
normally he would just sit there and take it in – but this year if he thought something was gross he would hide behind his hands an amazing night
All of the above shows tickets were donated by either the theatre, the performers or the production company
star wars episode 1 in 3D
Enzo has only ever seen 1 star wars film!
so we had to change that

Extreme Clowning invited to the London Toy Show
My parents went for me as i was at work –
1 year i aim to take Jimmy
Going to the Fair
Enzo has a dream to go to Disneyland Paris
but has NEVER been on any rides
so we started at the fair-
i have never heard a grown 
man scream so much

Jimmy meets Mugly
This dog is a total legend
he is so calm and patient with Jimmy
he lets him stroke him and feel him
without any fuss.
such a fantastic temperament
Jimmy used to be quite weary of dogs
but he loves them all now –
thanks to Mugly

Star Wars day
Jimmy has never seen star wars
but loves to feel the characters
A huge thank you to Nathan, and the U.K Garrison
for organising this for us
Discover Dogs
Another great day
Jimmy wants a pug dog – and he wants to call it pig!
We also spent a lot of the day stroking larger dogs
to show jimmy that not all big dogs are dangerous
Penny’s grand day out – Harrods, and Snog
Free cream teas at Harrods
then a free frozen yoghurt
which was a new discovery for penny
a lovely day for a lovely lady
star wars through touch project started
This project has put me in contact with John Coppinger
who is making me a fibre glass Jabba face from the original mould
to use with Alex
totally amazing
I cant imagine watching star wars and having no ideas about what the characters look like
Alex can hear but has never seen, so he knows the story’s and we add to that with toys,props and costumes
its an on going discovery

Peterborough Heritage weekend
Jimmy loves to learn
and this weekend is always amazing
its full of costumes and props that we can feel
its free
and we can get there by bus!

Peterborough Arts festival
The arts festival totally blew me away

there was so much there that jimmy could access
i didn’t want it to end
we met old lady’s that rode shopping trolleys
a man that puts elastic bands on his head
and at last we got to feel a bed of nails
baking with Claire
Something that Claire started to do with Jimmy
and he totally loves it
Ripley’s London
Ripley’s was great
and really opened jimmy up to the strange world that we live in
we felt a knitted car,
sat in the worlds biggest chair,
and he found a statue which he thought looked like my mother-
hence why he is cuddling it!
designing 007
Fergus has a little bit of sight
which is just as well as they was very strict here with photos and touching
but Fergus had an amazing time
there was a lot to see
We did this on the week that he visited
he was so excited
he only has 2 support at week at home
Madame TusSSauds
Enzo had always wanted to go here
so we visited tussauds and the movie museum on the same day
London film museum
A lovely place and definitely worth a visit
they have currently made things more accessible for blind people
hope to go there with jimmy one day

London zoo
We was told we could only stroke the rabbits but ended up stroking
rabbits, mere cats,giant tortoises and feeding the lemurs
a huge thank you to Susie, Seb and Lucy
the zoo keepers for there help
our day was made so much better thanks to you guys
(also a huge thank you to the lemurs, and dirk, dolly and Delores for letting us all into your houses)
Nene valley railway
Jimmy loves trains
And why we haven’t done this before i will never know
we went for a ride on the Nene valley and then we changed onto Thomas
Jimmy loved all the old interior
and the smell bought back memories
Little people U.K convention
So honoured to be involved with Little people U.K
Warwick and his family are such lovely people and help extreme clowning out a lot, its always nice to pay it back x
strictly come dancing cartoon auction
A huge thank you to Lisa and Robin for there help with this
the money raised paid for our trip to London zoo
and several days out in December
Peterborough Zombie walk
What a fun day this turned out to be
Jimmy was a bit apprehensive at first
but as soon as he knew dressing up was involved he was in!
he met lots of new people
and was very interested in peoples reactions
This was a lovely night
Thank you to the lions club for there discount
Jimmy had not been to a proper fireworks display before
he love the smells and the bangs
and the pretty colours

Father Christmas visit
This by far was the most emotional trip of the year
We traveled to London to meet the REAL father Christmas
who presented Jimmy with an action man that he had when he was a little boy
my parents came and Phil Rubery who is one of our main contributors

All of the above trips were funded either totally or partly by ourselves, Phil Rubery.

heres a few of the things that Jimmy discoverd for the first time in 2012

Vinyl toys

Jimmy loves toys

and he gets so much out of them
they relax him
they teach him
they educate him
they amuse him
and they keep him company!

We spent a good 45 minutes in lush with Jimmy feeling and smelling everything
the lady was really helpful
and showed him anything he wanted to see

Indian food
After a good few years Jimmy has overcome his fear of curry and is now making up for it!

Mexican food
All the things that we did over half term and apparently Jimmy spices was his favourite!

African and Caribbean food – thank you Nick at Embe
We love Embe
it is our favourite place to eat
We told Jimmy about Embe and that they cooked food
that Bob Marley used to eat (Jimmy loves Bob Marley)
so we went there for Jimmy’s Birthday and jimmy tried plantain and jerk chicken and he loved it.

The three stooges
Jimmy loves slapstick
any visual comedy works really well with jimmy
and he had never heard of the three stooges so i felt it was only right that he was told
so i bought these toys to help me
and i interpreted the 2012 film for him and he loved it


Peterborough Regional College
During 2011/2012
Myself and Jimmy have done several talks / question/answer sessions
at Peterborough regional college.
These have been for students studying communication and health and social care.
We try to make the talks fun and interactive – using props and videos.
We also get the students to try signing to Jimmy
Jimmy loves doing these talks as they give him a chance to meet new people

Phil Rubery
Gary Starr
 real camera Manchester
 monkey business
 suck U.K

A huge thank you to all of the people who help us.
Without them our work would not be possible
A special thank you to Lisa and Riley who supported us during 
there time on Strictly and
helped us raise money to fund 3 days out