Myself and my wife run a volunteer service enabling people with a dual sensory loss to access the world of entertainment and popular culture
The service that we run is mostly for Deafblind people – (both Deaf and blind)
although occasionally if something is donated that we feel can be of better use to another disabled person – then we will do that
Enzo at Batman Live
we constantly are on the look out for tickets for events, meet and greets, experiences that we can distribute to the appropriate person – in hope they will benefit from a day out and take home some happy memories and hopefully encouraging them to get out and live life
 Jilly at the key theatre Pantomime
 i have decided to do this post as most of our events and happenings come from friends – and people that we know
so please spread the word –
you may be able to help
and it may not even cost you anything!
I like to ask friends as people that know me love to help
maybe you have a show that you can get tickets for?
or you may have something you can send us that we can give out as a present,or use as an item of refferance
maybe you are passing through peterborough and want to meet up with us and jimmy?
maybe you know of a show / exhibition / event that would be good for us to attend ? 
your act may have a lot of props that would need a lot of explaining – being to feel items sometimes breaks so many barriers
we are not a charity – we are a volunteer service and pride ourselves in our personal and friendly approach
please feel free to email me if you would like a chat or ask any questions
(Always ask and never assume – 
they guys we work with will try anything – from Alton towers to dance lessons!)