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Firstly a huge thank you to everyone who made this day possible
Including all of the supporters of the strictly carton Auction on TWITTER, Lisa Riley and Robin Windsor, and The Strictly come dancing Band.

Secondly i would like to add a very special thank you to the amazing zoo keepers at London Zoo who made Jimmy’s visit extra special and allowed us to get up close and personal with the animals.

It became a true day to remember – thanks to them

And not last but least a huge thank you to Fran and Tamsim from Ben’s Cookies for donating an amazing box of Cookies


well here are the photos people – enjoy.

Photo 03-11-2012 06 10 50

6am Wake up!

Photo 03-11-2012 07 38 55

Reminiscing about his last trip to London zoo 25 years ago

Photo 03-11-2012 07 53 01

hat hair anyone?

Photo 03-11-2012 07 54 02

our lunch picnic became breakfast – jimmy suffering from blind persons cling film nightmare

Photo 03-11-2012 08 49 29

Photo 03-11-2012 08 50 00

are we there yet ?

Photo 03-11-2012 09 18 50

Photo 03-11-2012 09 20 10

Jimmy feeling the tiles on the underground and he then informed he had found a square!

Photo 03-11-2012 09 56 41

Photo 03-11-2012 09 56 46

Jimmy almost moaning about the long hard ten minute walk to the zoo! lazy git

Photo 03-11-2012 09 59 08

Photo 03-11-2012 10 05 28

Jimmy having a good ole grope! he gets so much from statues like this

Photo 03-11-2012 10 05 31

wait Japanese tourists wait lol

Photo 03-11-2012 10 44 31

These were great – he really loved these

Photo 03-11-2012 10 44 40

Photo 03-11-2012 10 44 46

Photo 03-11-2012 10 45 01

Photo 03-11-2012 10 45 04

Photo 03-11-2012 10 45 17

Photo 03-11-2012 10 46 27
oh dear!
Photo 03-11-2012 10 20 27
Scary Bird!
Photo 03-11-2012 10 20 41
Photo 03-11-2012 10 21 09
Photo 03-11-2012 10 21 39
Photo 03-11-2012 10 22 32
Photo 03-11-2012 10 23 37
big leaf anyone ?
Photo 03-11-2012 10 39 31
In the Reptile house feeling the raised textured skin freezes – tortoise
Photo 03-11-2012 10 40 05
Photo 03-11-2012 10 40 21
Photo 03-11-2012 11 10 26
Big fat hairy pigs!
Photo 03-11-2012 11 13 48
Photo 03-11-2012 11 14 00
trying to encourage Jimmy to stroke a sheep!
Photo 03-11-2012 11 14 18
Photo 03-11-2012 11 14 22
Photo 03-11-2012 11 14 34
Photo 03-11-2012 11 14 36
Photo 03-11-2012 11 14 38
Photo 03-11-2012 11 14 47
Photo 03-11-2012 11 20 44
WE LOVE THIS LADY – we asked her if we could stroke a rabbit as when i wrote to London Zoo they said and i quote –
“ The only animals that can be touched at the zoo are the animals in the children’s petting zoo” so we went there and we couldn’t actually
reach the rabbits to stroke them so this lovely lady helped us
and she then took us to feed a Lama!
Photo 03-11-2012 11 23 56
Brave Jimmy
Photo 03-11-2012 11 24 09
Photo 03-11-2012 11 24 10
And then this amazing woman took us to meet honey
who is a member of the Racoon family
Photo 03-11-2012 11 28 24
Photo 03-11-2012 11 28 26
Photo 03-11-2012 11 28 37
Photo 03-11-2012 11 29 28
And then – just when you thought she couldnt do anymore…..
Photo 03-11-2012 11 33 46
Photo 03-11-2012 11 34 09
Jimmy stroked a Meercat
Photo 03-11-2012 11 37 29
Photo 03-11-2012 11 40 43
Jimmy loved the Butterfly house
Myself and claire got a bit sad a couple of times throughout the day
as we really wished that he could see the amazing things that we could
the beautiful butterflys was one of them
the size and colours was amazing
Photo 03-11-2012 13 03 06
Photo 03-11-2012 13 03 09
at one point Jimmy did get excited and thought he had one land on his head but it turned out to be a drooping leaf from a tree!
Photo 03-11-2012 13 03 55
Claire telling Jimmy about the HUGE dragon – he was in skyfall apparently
(the dragon – not Jimmy)
Photo 03-11-2012 13 27 49
Jimmy feeling a textured model of his skin
We was advised by seb – the reptile keeper that it may be to our advantage
if we met him outside the giant tortoise house at 2 – wink wink
And at 2 we was invited into meet Dirk, Dolly and Dolores
This was AMAZING
as Jimmy also got to see what an enclosure was like
when he last went 25 years ago everything was in cages
and now i told hm that had all changed he got a bit confused
he kept asking me if there was glass or wire
he seemed to think they was all walking about
so this really helped
Photo 03-11-2012 14 08 40
Dirk was a star he was also BLOODY MASSIVE!
Photo 03-11-2012 14 10 05
Photo 03-11-2012 14 10 28
Photo 03-11-2012 14 12 32
Here i am relaying a question from Jimmy to the keeper
about the tortoises poo and how big was it!
Photo 03-11-2012 14 12 47
Photo 03-11-2012 14 13 01
Photo 03-11-2012 14 13 07
Photo 03-11-2012 14 13 56
The skin at the front of the leg was rough and like armour
Photo 03-11-2012 14 14 02
but the skin at the back of the leg was very soft
Photo 03-11-2012 14 14 44
Brave Jimmy – have a feel on his own
And now penguins
these bite so we didnt get in the water
but jimmy was able to feel movement though the vibrations of the glass
Now – going back to amazing zoo keeper
you know the one we had met in the beginning with the rabbit – Susie
well she radio’d her friend Lucy who looks after the lemurs and we was invited to feed them!
We was all so excited – especially claire as they are her favourite

You are about to see quite a lot of photos that are very similar
but this was such an opportunity i just kept snapping away

Getting used to there tiny feet climbing all over him
The shop
Now I always leave this until last
mostly because jimmy is like an old lady and takes forever
but the main reason is i use the toys to relate to the animals that we have seen
during the day – this will help him to remember the animal, or even make a connection to an animal that he has felt before and not know the name
the Schleich animals in particular are amazing
as they are so accurate
Obviousley we didnt see smurfs at the zoo but i love them so i took a photo
Just look at the concerntration in that face

Jimmy purchased 3 more animals for his collection
he bought a giant tortiose and a lama (2 animals he had met that day)
and an oxo! (an ox to us)
After the zoo we caught a bus straight to Oxford street Jimmy told me how much he loved the big red double decker bus i beleive they bring memories back from when he used to live in london with his family
we got off at oxford circus where we
was to pick up a box of cookies that Bens Cookies had kindly Donated for us
they was amazing – Jimmy really loved them
So a HUGE thank you to Bens cookies for there kindness
it went a long way xx

We popped to Cyber candy before we got the train home and Jimmy was falling asleep
he was so tired he was falling down!

we foget his thought process is not like ours and the communication really wears him out, and with all of the excitement and new information he was knackerd!
so we caught a taxi sraight to Kings cross

Once on the train he ate 2 more cookies and came alive again…

Photo 03-11-2012 19 13 25
and decided to put his hoody on back to front!
Photo 03-11-2012 19 13 34
and there wear his hat
Photo 03-11-2012 19 14 00
so there you have it
a totally amazing day
full of suprises
And a lot of loose ends tied up for jimmy – where he had been told about an animal and finally
been able to feel them this allows him to put the 2 together and make a clearer picture
The lemurs and the tortoises was the highlight of the day
he had been told about lemurs by us but had no recollection of them from when he could see – so to him they are a reasonably new animal
and he had also only even seen a small tortoise
he never knew they could grow as big as dirk
so thank you zsl keepers for everything – Susie, Seb and Lucy
And thank you twitter followers with your support
for the strictly cartoons
your kind donations made this day happen
Just to add to this blog
as it was such a long blog it took me quite a while
i started in on saturday night when we got home and finished it sunday morning
i was just about to post it and jimmy came in and put a hex bug down my crack and it made me press delete! and i lost the whole bloody blog – luckily my wife managed to restore it – so thank you claire