Well, here we go!

For those of you that don’t know me , hello , my name is Jonathan (but only my mum calls me that!) To most people I am known as JJ. According to family – elements of the showman in me started back when I was very little, singing and dancing whilst queuing for jumble sales and also dancing to the old marionette puppet machines which they would have at the seaside (Margate) – old people would put money in just to watch me dance. I was bought up at the holiday parks in an era when they were at their best and people went there because they offered a certain something that could only be found at a holiday camp. Not like now…

I did various shows when I was at school like most people, and started to get a name for myself in the local area. I toured old peoples homes with 2 policeman and we a little variety show. I then focused purely on the comedy, my dad would write the script borrowing from the greats and I would perform. Comedy just seemed to work as there was to many singers and dancers so it was nice to give the audience a break from all that. In the early days I was a gag man just delivering jokes, i then developed a comedy voice at the age of 14/15 which became a trademark. I entered talent competitions until I was sick of them, up and down the country, and this was really my hobby, I was helped and encouraged by my parents but never pushed-if I didn’t want to do it I wouldn’t.

At the age of 16 I applied to become a haven mate (cheap version of a red coat ) I carried on doing stand up-and I also did children’s parties to help with college funding but I hated them! I was also a member of a local based drama group which I learned a great deal which I would later use in my life-it was based at dartford and I used to go every saturday morning with Mckenzie crook (the office) and then I got a letter when I was 18 asking me for a job interview at haven. So I went with my dad, I took a video of my stand up, the interview went wrong and I spilt orange everywhere! The next day (friday) I got a letter saying that I started on the saturday in Weymouth as the children’s entertainer….That lead me to 12 years in the business, working my way up to room children’s presenter and also creating huge controversy because of the way I worked, I wanted to be different and I was. I then partnered up with my friend mr Tim Gannon whom I met in Hastings.

We studied comedy constantly watching stand up and old black and whites every minute we had and taught ourselves as much as we could cram in our heads! We then formed a double focusing on comedy magic. I stopped the holiday parks in 2002, I was never in the business to be famous although I had my offers! I did it because it was what I did! It took me this long to realise that I had a gift ( and not just my mother telling me that I was good ! ) And I wanted to put it to a better use….

I’d had enough of unsociable hours, and terrible cabarets, and dancers! So it was time for me to move on…. But where ? I saw a film called Patch Adams which started me thinking that my talents could be put to a better use but it would be a big jump for me to take, my season ended at haven and i started pantomime in Peterborough this would be the last Pantomime I would ever do ( 2002) After this in january I applied for a job working with a charity called Deafblind UK