A very special thank you to Ruth who showed us around and made our LUSH experience extremely
friendly,laidback and helpful

here is our reply back from LUSH


Thank you for your recent email; I was so pleased to hear you and your friend have had such a great shopping experience at our store in Peterborough. At Lush we love creating fresh, lovely smelling, effective cosmetics that are kind to animals, people and the environment. We really appreciate any feedback from our customers – especially nice feedback!

Here at Lush, as you may already know, we pride ourselves on customer service. We always want our customers to leave our stores with a spring in their step and a smile on their faces, just feeling like they’ve had the best time with us. Our sales assistants are so passionate about the company and our products, that they really want to share this with customers. It’s lovely to hear that Jimmy enjoyed his time in the store so much, and I loved looking at the pictures of his time in store! I have passed on your lovely comments and the link to our Peterborough store for them to have a look at – they were delighted to hear you both enjoyed your time with them – particularly Ruth! 🙂

It’s wonderful to hear we have such great staff members working for our company. Thank you very much for taking the time and trouble to write such a lovely email. I will be sure to include your kind compliments in our positive praise report, which is read by all the top people at Lush, so you can be assured that Ruth’s hard work will be recognised, along with the rest of the staff working that day

I hope you will both continue to enjoy shopping at Lush and using our products. Please contact us again if you have any further questions, suggestions or concerns!

Best wishes,

Jamie Austin
Customer Care
Lush Retail Ltd