After stumbling across a chemistry set today we discovered that Jimmy has very little idea about science – so i feel a new project evolving!
we will try a series of small safe (!) experiments and we will film them and jimmy’s reactions – could be fun!

Sensory Science

Instasnow(buy from Hawkins Bazaar)- hold it in your hand and then add water. It gets warm as it is an exothermic reaction. 

Cornflour weirdness– Go here (there’s other stuff you might like too)

Lemonade and baking soda– Hold the glass and then feel it go cold when you add the bicarb. This is an endothermic reaction and takes energy from the surroundings.

Collapsing can-Hold empty coke can with tongs. Put a little bit of water in and then heat up (over gas cooker flame) until steam stops. Then QUICKLY plunge into a bowl of cold water. The water pressure will cause the can to crumple as air has been forced out.

Volcano– Messy!!!

Knee reflex– Hit just below the knee for the reflex reaction. This reaction allows us to walk.

Hot cold hand – Go here

Ankle– Rotate right ankle in an anti clockwise direction. Now draw a figure of 8 in the air with your right hand. Your ankle will change direction.

Chewing bread– Chew a piece of plain bread but don’t swallow. It will slowly begin to taste sweeter as the enzymes in your saliva break the starch down into glucose.

Digestion– Kids love this and the banana smells disgusting. Takes a bit of prep but is tactile. Get a banana, some weetabix and a little water. Mash together (chewing), then put into a plastic zippy bag and seal. Massage bag (stomach). Attach an old stocking leg with funnel attached at bottom, to corner of bag and open a little so food passes into tights (small intestine) Smaller stuff comes out (absorption) but bigger stuff stays in and passes down and out of the funnel (excretion). 

Fizzing – Put a soluble disprin or similar into a glass of water. Feel the fizzing on your cheek as the gas escapes from the liquid.

Static electricity– Rub a balloon on your hair or jumper and the static created will stick the balloon to the wall.

Floppy egg – Soak an egg in vinegar (takes a few days). The shell which is calcium carbonate dissolves in the acidic vinegar and then you are left with the inside of the egg. This will be messy if you handle it roughly!!

Sound – Put rice on a drum or speaker and it will bounce from the vibrations.