What an amazing day we had!
Jimmy was finally re-united with a childhood toy
that has taken around 10 years to find
The day was made extra special by meeting the Real santa plus all of his friends
And Jimmy also met Phil who came along for the day
Phil is one of our main sponsors and without him
none of this would have happened.

Wake up you lazy bugger!

Jimmy drinking milk on the train – he looks like an old wino!

Trouble with the tubes but Jimmy managed to hold it together

unusual suspects!


Jimmy meeting baby rudy

Three cheers for santa

Pizza express at Canary Wharf presented us with a braille menu!
I was very impressed normally we have to ask and then they can never find it!

as nice as it was after 6 lines of words Jimmy didnt understand like
 pancetta and  grana padano
he just said hame and pineapple pizza!
Which it turned out that they dont do! so he had pepperami

Then they got his order wrong so he had to wait while we all ate!

Father Christmas Happy hands

The train Home

The full santa visit uncut

The santa visit – nutcracker edit

Ahuge thank you to everyone who made this day happen
my wife
Phil Rubery
my parents
The Fantastic Jem Fraser
Alex Winters – cbeebies
Suzanne Kaye-Vaughan.
the Toy Maker
baby rudy
Rockin Robin