We always go out for a meal on Jimmy’s birthday.
This year we decided to try Embe – serving African and Caribbean food
Jimmy loves his food and the food there is amazing and like nothing else i have ever tasted – 
and it is also the sort of food that Bob Marley would have eaten 
(which encouraged Jimmy to try it)
We invited Enzo along – although he cannot sign to Jimmy they get on very well
and are very good friends
Enzo bought Jimmy some white chocolate…
10 bars of it!
Happy hands at Embe
Jimmy went for the coconut mushrooms for his starter
He then was very brave and went for the jerk mix for his main – 
this was great as jimmy is quite scared of hot food although he loves it!
He got the meat sweats for the first time and got slightly worried lol
but i re-assured him that it was only because the meat was hot
he cleared his plate none the less
Enzo had Gambers and mushrooms
Claire had Calypso chicken
we got a free jug of rum punch and Jimmy had mango crumble for pudding
We had an amazing night – i love introducing Jimmy to new food
he gets so much from it
he ate everything and also learned about different countries and cultures
they also had some of the different veg on display at the bar which jimmy was able to feel
he has already told us that he wants to go back for my birthday
so Embe was a definite hit and i would recomend it to anyone