The Informative Bit…..
Due to recent blogger posts and Jimmy becoming a minor celebrity over night
a lot of you have great love and fondness for Jimmy and our adventures and have been asking how you can help…
Well we have come up with an idea for Christmas that anyone can join in with – and it is also educational, and doesn’t have to be expensive!
Jimmy ready the braille embossed onto the bottle of feel good drinks
Jimmy loves food – as most of you know
When he stayed over for half term we went to the supermarket everyday and just felt different products.
Jimmy loves to learn and find new things and even this makes him happy and excited, a bit like a Deafblind Columbus!
If you can imagine there are thousands of different items in a supermarket and Jimmy lost his sight in 1986 – everything that was new after that date, then there is a 90% chance that will not know about it.
Jimmy was born in 1968 – he didn’t find out about Marmite or Peanut butter until 2003!
Marmite was first discovered in 1919 an peanut butter in 1890.
They was something he hadn’t tried as a child and by time he was blind at the age of 18 then that was it, in jimmy’s world they was no existent – until i told him about them
Jimmy in Cybercandy in london – picking up every bar and asking “what?”
According to the Food Marketing Institute
The average number of products carried by our supermarkets today has
exploded from 7,800 in 1970 to 45,000 separate items in 1995, most of which are
brand names.
When Jimmy could last see there was less choice but now some supermarkets have 3 or 4 isles of just bread, so there will always items that will be new to Jimmy even if they are old to us.
Another good thing with food it it encourages him to cook and try different things and he also learns new words, and about new cultures.
When we went to Denmark to perform magic at a sense conference he refused to go at first as he said the food would be different and there would be no baked beans so he wasn’t going!
I then told him there will always be food we like and don’t like, so we will just have to try, luckily the bacon was amazing and this soon won him over.
(and our hotel was also next to a lidl that sold baked beans lol)
Recently Jimmy has overcome his fear of hot and spicy food.
Many moons ago he was told that curry was bad and will make him poo a lot (this he was told by deafblind simon who also told Jimmy that Disneyland was rubbish and that he should go to the isle of Wight instead!) – after hearing this story which he took as gospel Indian …

and hot food became the work of the devil and sadly he never tried it in fear that his bum would explode and he would die. Since then he has discovered chip shop curry, and chicken tikka pieces and has slowly worked his way up the scale of self flavour discovery – last month i am happy to say that he had jerk for the first time and experienced the meat sweats – which panicked him somewhat.

and only last week we went to Jimmy Spices and he ate nothing but curry – so thank you to everyone who has helped and encouraged him – he now has a whole new world of food to explore

The Project


we thought it would be a fab idea to make Jimmy up a hamper of different foods, you can choose what you would like us to include in his hamper and send it in – we will then give him all of the items at Christmas and tell him who they are from

(A bit like a harvest festival parcel but without the hymns)

They can be anything non perishable – we don’t want a FUGU fish or Kangaroo testicles!

So the choice is yours have a look round and see what you can find, if you wish to take part then email me and let me know and ill message you back our address

unusual tastes and textures would be great and also food from different countries – but any everyday supermarket will be just as good, as there is a high chance you will find something he has never had and this will open up his choices, and maybe give him something new to add to his weekly shopping

last year we visited a friends and they had a buffet, Jimmy tried smoked cheese there for the first time, until then he never knew it existed, and now it is a regular park of his weekly shopping

Jimmy making his own Krispy Kreme

until about 2 years ago he was only aware of Jam Doughnuts