First facebook status
It has been suggested that i write a book about mine and jimmy’s adventures – this is as idea that has been knocking around for a few years now, so before i start writing and gathering information i would just to ask you all what you think of the idea?
 Second facebook status
 Right i am going in the bath – can any of you think of things that myself and jimmy have done together, or places we have been? i am starting to compile a list for the book! and i don’t want to miss anything out – we started our friendship in 2003 so there is a good few years to cover
Third facebook status
 I had a good chat today and jimmy is all excited about the idea of a book!
we spoke for ages about the things that we have done and it was great for us to chat and look back at  everything – it is also a great way for jimmy to learn about himself.
we have started to gather information, trips, events etc that we have done together.
Now what we would like to know from you all is what you would like to know, especially about jimmy and being deafblind, don’t be scared to ask as it is not a subject a lot of people know about, if you feel your question is silly then inbox me
a huge part of this book will be about creating awareness – so have a think and post your question
 Hi everyone
I am about to start writing a book about myself and Jimmy.
I would like to include as much as possible about everything we have done and the places we have been and the people we have met.
if you could send me any story’s or anecdotes of things that have stuck in your mind from when you met Jimmy
i would be very grateful
we have done so much together and it has been so varied

it would be great to cover as much diversity in the book as possible

there is no immediate rush – early stages
message me if you have something you would like to be included
thank you