Walking Dippy

Jimmy has always loved dinosaurs
so our trip to the natural history museum was a big event for him
The weekend started off with a bit of research!
off to the toy shop!

This is my effort on the train to london
i made a diplodocus out of the foil that we wrapped our picnic in!

In London by 8!
Time for a tea


Something quite eerie about being in the History museum before it opens to the public

Claire and Jimmy deep in discussion about wooly rhinos!

And were off! 

Goat horns!

 An ammonite shell viewed in section, revealing the internal chambers and septa.

Bone structure from a  flipper belonging to a prehistoric
swimming dinosaur – i really cannot remember the name!

 Here we are with Carlos the Paleontologist, we are walking the length of the dinosaur!

Explaining to Jimmy the size of Dippy
he really had no idea how big dinosaurs were

Jimmy had no concept of the size of a dinosaur, he knows them from books when he was 12, and through looking at dinosaur toys
so one of my goals was to get across how big they really were


 Jimmy was really gentle – as always
and was allowed to feel various models, and bone structures.
This gave him a true idea of size

 we then moved on to the education room where we was allowed to handle
REAL artifacts
Including bones, teeth, and DINOSAUR POO!


Dinosaur Claw

Feeling how prehistoric teeth are found, still set in mud / stone

a replica if an iguanadon thumb!

Me,Jimmy and Carlos
with a segment of tail bone from a dinosaur – SO HEAVY!

Me,Jimmy and Carlos
with a packet of Cadburys chocolate dinosaurs that we gave to Carlos to thank him for his time

 Jimmy feeling a meteorite
this took some explaining.


 The History museum is a beautiful museum and jimmy was able 
to feel many of the decorative details


The Shop

The shop is always very important as it allows me to tie up and loose ends with information that we have learn’t – and link what we have been told to the appropriate toy/model

And also in this situation jimmy knows what he wants but is unable to remember the long dinosaur names!
so we spent a good 40 minutes trying to figure out what he wanted to buy!
but we got there in the end

1 stegosaurus jigsaw puzzle
1 stegosaurus toy
and one pachycephalosaurus toy

He also fell in love with this stegasaurus soft toy
but didnt have enough money
but luckily we found one on ebay when we got home
the end to a perfect day

We had a totally amazing time at the Natural History Museum
everyone was so friendly and helpful
and Carlos was amazing and really taught us so much in a short time.
Jimmy got so much from the day, he was talking about it all the way home

thank you all once again for your

 On the train home at the end of the day

Surprisingly still awake and full of beans!

Happy hands and Happy face