A huge thank to  Rosie and all of the staff at the Bluewater Krispy Kreme
Jimmy had an AMAZING time and learnt so much, all thanks to you.
and a special thank you goes out to Josie Wiltshire who helped make this possible
Jimmy now wants to work for Krispy Kreme as a taster !
he says he can start in september

1st doughnut of the day – hot traditional glaze
Now time for a taster session – Coconut ice, Crème Brulee and mango and passion cheesecake
Jimmy preparing to make his own chocolate iced with sprinkles
Now Jimmy puts the filling into the doughnuts
Jimmy feeling the dough
Feeling the heat from where the doughnuts rise
Checking out the size of the mixing bowl and how it stirs
Feeling the size of the smaller mixing bowl, ready to make the glazed cruller
Eating again !
Interpreting to jimmy how they make the glazed cruller while he eats one !
Thank you so much Rosie
Also a thank you to my dad for taking the photos – when he managed to stop talking !