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“Shaw on tour!”
I need to organize a few days out for my friend Jonathon Shaw who has cerebral palsy and loves cars!
He loves riding in sports cars, he also wants to ride in big lorry’s (possibly an Eddie stobart lorry) , and also in K.I.T.T car from Knight rider.
Sporty or vintage, TV or Film related, low down or high up – between us we will get him into any vehicle!
If anyone can help with any contacts please let me know

Jonathan was born 6th August 1991 starved of oxygen they left me too long in labor when he was born he wasn’t breathing and had a heart rate of 56 should have been 160+ they used the paddles on him to get his heart going better and spent 2 weeks in scbu he started having fits and got put on to medication at 4 months old, at 6 months old he had a bad fit and that is when I was told about the cerebral palsy although the hospital already knew but didn’t tell me he is a quadriplegic with no speech and finds it hard to tell people what he means but is very brainy we have been to the peto institute in Budapest 10 times and had a girl over here 5 times to get him were he is today, as you know he is very cheeky and a ladies man loves anything that goes fast

Terri Shaw

Team meeting to discuss shaw on tour

Jonathons driving experience with Everyman

Any got one of these we could have a lift in?
Jonathon loves knight rider

He also wants to ride in an Eddie Stobart Lorry


Anything fast! if you can help in anyway please contact me
and lets try and create a few dreams

Anything is possible

He also wants a ride in an Helicopter….

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