Setting off for the day
Jimmy loves trains
Thinking about the day ahead
Jimmy playing with claires scarf!
First stop – LEONS
jimmy needs TEA!
Feeling the Christmas tree at convent garden
oh go on then – lets visit CyberCandy!
Jimmy has been learning about south africa
and will hopefully soon be meeting up with a lady i met through myspace who used to live there, so while we was in London i took him to the south African food shop to educate him a little
The man asked if jimmy would like to try some Billtong (which he said yes to before he even knew what it was!)
which to our suprise…
he loved it and wanted to buy some!
even claire tried some
sadly i wasnt brave enough as it scares me a little!
Maybe if id of had time to tell jimmy what it looked like he may not have tried it?
I took too long to buy lunch so jimmy ate half of his billtong whilst he waited!
feeding the pigeons in the park
we found this outside the southbank centre before we went in to see slava
The first time Jimmy has been on a bike since he could see in 1986
cheesy tourist photos