Once again people here are a large selection of photos of the Jimmy feeling things!
we was amazed at how thorough he was, and 90% of the people he didn’t know, and didnt even care who they was he just loved to feel them to see how everyone was different, he was shocked at Lady GA-GA’S shoes, he liked Helen Mirrens breasts and worked out her age by feeling her face! his favorite model of the day was Camilla.

We was allowed to feel everything – and Jimmy particularly wanted to feel Kate Middleton – which he did
but he was sadly disappointed at the amount of Fat Lady Models!
Our main reason to go was the 4d cinema which worked a treat – really fantastic for Jimmy,

 he discovered untold amounts of new information from motor neuron disease to “why does Gandhi wear a nappy?”

to some its just a tourist attraction but to jimmy its a whole cave of new information which is constantly being updated

After all – its where Jimmy discovered that Bob Marley was Black!