This is Matt and Jimmy. Matt has cerebral palsy and Jimmy is deafblind (both Deaf AND blind).

Matt and Jimmy live for magic. They get lots out of being the one who knows how a trick is done. In 2003, Jimmy had no concept about magic at all, he had never even heard of it. Since then he has discovered,adapted, learned and performed. and is currently performing magic for the charity, Sense, as part of their training. This has been a ten year journey – that many people have helped with.

Jimmy has been to the Blackpool Magic Convention twice, funding was kindly donated by Uri Geller, The David Berglas foundation, Derren Brown, Beard Juggling and Kaymar Magic. This has given a wealth of knowledge to Jimmy as he is able to feel and experience magic first hand.

Being blind and deaf means there are many difficulties with accessing and performing so we continually research and adapt.

In 2015 we plan to return to Blackpool with Jimmy and his friend Matt plus support staff – 7 people in total, but we need help to make this happen.

If you can help with funding and sponsorship please donate – the support staff /interpreters will be giving their time for free. We are looking for help with accessible accommodation, transport and entry tickets.

All donors/sponsors will be given a special mention on our website.