Hi everyone
i am doing a new project on my website called – discovering star wars by touch – focusing on some people that i know that sadly cannot access star wars like me or you due to a visual or a hearing impairment,Alex has been blind since birth but has hearing and Jimmy who has never heard or seen star wars and has only knows what he has been told and touched-  they both love star wars but have no idea of the amazing imagery, and creatures and have to learn this through feeling costumes and toys 

 i have been doing sessions where i have  interpreted or audio described the star wars films

 and we stop along the way and use toys and
  objects of reference to help explain the story
(sadly none of the star wars films have ever been audio described – get your finger out George!)
We have also had some fantastic support from the U.K Garrison and Jeff “VADER” Ives

and the fantastic Warwick Davis who has met several of 

  the guys who i worked with and has been felt!

I am on the scrounge (again) for some quotes on how important this project is, all i would like is a small 1 line quote that we could add to a page especially devoted to this project

i could not imagine my life without Star Wars – could you ?

if you know of anyone else who may be able help , anyone who has a connection with Star Wars in anyway please pass this message on

thank you



quotes so far

John Coppinger

Hello jj,
“Jabba was a ‘touchy, feely’ guy in his own strange way. But I think C3PO might describe it differently, having felt the back of Jabba’s ‘hand’!!”
We have a mould of Jabba’s ‘face’ skin in storage in Sussex. I should be able to get you a cast, see attached image, sometime later in the summer.
Let me know if that would be useful?
(I wouldn’t paint it up – Just make a touchable GRP cast – – – )