I thought i would include this photo as i am not often seen in a tie
( had to dress smart for Harrods) 
A 5 minute walk from Knightsbridge Tube in the rain

This was the face that Penny pulled when i told her the price of things!

Clotted cream and rose petal and Apricot jam
Silver milk jug
 bone china cup
 Penny wanted to buy this bear but i refused to carry it home on the train!
Penny LOVES yoghurt
and thanks to the fantastic guys at snog we was able to introduce her to the world of fat free frozen yoghurt
 Sample Tasting – Penny went for the Guavabana!

 With Strawberries
Nice and quiet – just how we like it
 Jj’s Snog
 Claire’s Snog
And she pulled a couple of men – cant be bad!
Pub Lunch
Penny’s first ever fish finger sandwich
Some of these items took some explaining
but we got there in the end
Ice shot glass
 Lady make up brush
 Mug with wings
 Face oven Mitt
 A purse made out of M & M Wrappers

We met Bob the busking cat!
A Special Thanks to
and channel
who made our visit incredible and memorable
despite slight problems
And a HUGE thanks to the SNOG team at covent garden Garrick street
who made us feel very welcome