Jimmy watching the Generik rehearsals

he used the rail to help pick up noise vibrations

Being able to watch this really helped as the actually event happened so quick and was so fast paced, that a lot of this information would have got lost

interpreting the crowds – and why we was waiting… 

managed to inform jimmy about all of the background info before it started
there was blue people everywhere ready to cause mischeif

At this moment it all sort of kicked of really quick and intense
there was fireworks and smoke and bangers going off plus oil drums being thrown everywhere

not the most flattering of photos

Jimmy loved the noise and the madness of it all
even if it was slightly anarchic!

blue man up the traffic lights!

Here is the video of the entire procession

It was definitley an experience
Jimmy really loved it, as we could get right in amongst it all
although it was at our own risk!
once they started there was no stopping them!