Schleich was founded by Friedrich Schleich in 1935. Its figurines were first released in the 1950’s with the development, production and marketing of comic figurines such as Snoopy and The Smurfs. In the early 1980s they added animal figurines and Muppet characters to their range of products. Until the end of 2006, Schleich was a family-owned business. It was then taken over by the British investment company HG Capital,
 Jimmy Loves Schleich
they are an amazing learning tool for jimmy
and they continue to feed his love of animals
teaching him about size and different breeds
he has quite a lot which he has brought over the years and they are all on display
on shelves in his flat
he will spend ages feeling each model indavidually and then asking questions about colour
and breed
This is Jimmy feeling a Smurf for the first time – this was in Denmark
We also visited a zoo in Denmark which had the biggest Schleich selection we have ever seen
There is always a lot of stigma attatched to toys and adults
and what is age appropriate and what isnt
If jimmy likes them and is learning from them i cannot see a problem
its the same as anyone else collecting different things
And as i mentioned before these are more than toys to jimmy
in some cases they are the only way in to certain areas, They are a way of informing him about an animal that may be new to him, like we would maybe see on tv or in a book, so jimmy uses toys
and they bring him a step closer and open up a whole new adventure for him to learn and explore

3rd November 2012
Just returned from London zoo with Jimmy
and we found some more Schleich
so naturally i took some more photos
he also bought 3 more new animals that he had not felt before to add to his collection