Hi everyone

it has been very mixed reactions with regards to the undateables – we did apply but sadly they said that they could not use him due to the fact that he is not vocal and they could not really see how he would work in a tv/filming

This i can understand but i thought that this program was all about how hard it can be for people with disabilities to find a partner.

And the more i have thought about this and the more i have spoken to other people, the more annoyed i have got!

i have messaged channel 4 and the sun newspaper but i have heard nothing

For those of you that know Jimmy his loss of hearing and sight would not really be a problem and myself or Claire would interpret and voice over

Jimmy wants nothing more in this world than to find a partner, so i have decided to make this group for people to join and support jimmy, i want this to be a nice group and not negative towards channel 4 or the undatables
i want it to be our positive messages on here that hopefully help them to change there mind and bring them some awareness to them with regards to Deaflindness

he sent me this text the other day
Hello jj we been talking about people that talk differently some people cannot speak because some deaf people can sign and some can write also some disabled people can write or type on computer to help them talk because i can type and sign same as deaf people so can you tell the people on the tv about these different people that is it for now text me back love jimmy xx

here is the group please join if you feel this is something Jimmy is capable of doing
and spread the word