Laughing his head off at half 8 am

 It is so nice for Jimmy to have someone different to talk to
Fergus mannuals very well – although a tad slow for Jimmy
and jimmy would show his boredom by pulling a face or dropping his head to sleep

he also kept indicating what finger Fergus needed to tap next – sort of like predictive text!

 Jimmy laughing at fergus’s speed

“Look forward jj is taking your photo”

Jimmy found this very amusing!

 Following up on the Olympic theme

 We had been in Ripley’s 2 minuets and already Jimmy was a bit freaked out!

 Jimmy meets Prime

A Gorilla made entirely from car parts

we later found 2 testicles made from foot pedals which caused some amusement! 

Lizard Man! he had a forked tongue which reminded Jimmy of Hannibal
from the circus of Horrors

 We spent about 25 minutes feeling this – and we could have stayed there a lot longer but we needed the loo!
This was a life size figure made from toys!

 Debbie Harry made out entirely of Debbie Harry cassette tapes

Oprah made entirely out of map pins

And now a car made out of wool

 A very tiny car

2 models that was purely for amusement
but Jimmy took a liking to the lady

Asking me her hair colour

 The Hug
I love this photo

 A wooden Horse

 Some bloke who had a horn growing out of his head!

 A man who had real crocodile teeth in his own mouth!

 Jimmy discovers 

I have no idea why but this caused mild hysteria
Jimmy thought she was a duck!

Half a man!

 Half a Jimmy!

 This took some explaining!

 Jimmy discovers a chastity belt

 It took 10 minutes but we unlocked the unlock-able gate

 Diana Ross made out of road signs!

 Sting made out of a telephone directory

 Michael Jackson made out sweets!

 Jimmy feeling the worlds fatest man

 Jimmy telling me “it’s you”

 The worlds tallest man
8ft 6″

 Size 37 feet

 Jimmy feeling some very pointy wooden breasts!

 A coffin shaped like an eagle 

 Jimmy feeling a very large safe door!

 Jimmy feeling a french street performer
(we asked permission)

 Lost in the crowd