Prop photo’s
 I will use this doll to represent Slava
It is important that jimmy knows what slava is wearing as this builds up the images in his head – it is like a very baggy baby grow
and large red shoes
the colours do not matter
The other clowns wear very large hats
and very long pointy shoes
 At 1 point during the show one of the clowns wears a Finn and pretends to be a shark so i have incorporated that in the prop to aid understanding
Pre show explinations

This covers parts of the show that jimmy may not understand fully so i go over them before the show so i know he has a better grasp of understanding – and that way we wont waste any time and miss vital parts of the show

As expected Jimmy did not know what a hatstand was
so i had to explain that and also why Slava puts his hand inside the coat sleeve, and that it looks like another person that he was cuddling.
this took several attempts before i think Jimmy understood

The Day

Waiting for the train




Breakfast stop off at Covent Garden

A trip to London is never complete without a visit to Cybercandy

 Backstage at the Royal Festival Hall

 We waited so long Jimmy fell asleep and started to snore!

Traces of Slava snow…..



 We are in ! 3 Tickets for the price of 1 – THANK YOU

Front Row
4 foot from the stage

 We spent a good half an hour just covering Jimmy in snow
he needs tactile – so thats what he got!

Jimmy snoring on the way home