Extreme Clowning
Strictly come dancing cartoon auction

Jimmy’s good luck message for Lisa
  I first worked with Lisa many many years ago during pantomime in Halifax
She was the fairy godmother and i was an ugly sister

Lisa first met Jimmy when she was in Peterborough 
performing at the Key Theater in “The Naked Truth”
She kindly did a meet and greet – as jimmy loves women with the fuller figure.

Jimmy was born Deaf and went blind at the age of 18 due to an accident – he is now 44

 Since then – he has fallen in love!
he absolutely adores Lisa, and any chance we get to see her – we are there

 Whilst we was away at Christmas i saw a poster for calender girls
(which took some explaining)
Lisa kindly organised and funded some tickets for us so we could go and see her in Leicester

This is Jimmy pretending to be Lisa!
after he was some what inspired by calender girls

 We will be supporting Lisa through strictly
and we hope that you can to

she has been a huge inspiration to Jimmy, and a very good friend
i will keep jimmy up to date with Lisa’s progress – as he will want to know

we are good friends of Lisa Riley and i have been drawing  and texting cartoons and caricatures to her
during her rehearsal period
and posting them on twitter / facebook

i was asked if they could be sold so here they are!

Please find below strictly 2012 cartoons that will be auctioned on eBay

each one is hand drawn and a one off
and will be listed for 10 days with a starting price of 99p and free postage

The auction will be live from
FROM 8:10 PM

eBay link


if this does not work the seller is 

the money will got towards days out for people like jimmy.

Extreme Clowning is a volunteer service that i run
which enables days out for people who are Deafblind 
(both Deaf AND blind) and enables them to access entertainment and popular culture

When we go to a supermarket and a free sample is offered I am the first in the line
Extreme clowning does exactly that – it offers a taster of an experience that may have been lost and could be re-kindled, or it may offer a memory of a completely new experience which in turn will hopefully stimulate and motivate.

I ask for help and people like to give it.
I don’t believe that Deafblind people should have everything free,
But I believe a taster or a sample of a certain experience
Is the first step – and then after that it’s up to them.

So what do we do?

1) We organize trips, surprises, meet and greets, touch tours.
Hopefully raising a smile and creating a memory – the trips are for people who feel need them.
Deafblind people come first unless we feel a certain trip can be put to better use elsewhere with another disabled person.

2) We enable Deafblind service users to access the world of entertainment and popular culture using a mixture of sign language (B.S.L, Deafblind manual, objects of reference, touch, smell, and taste).

3) We encourage conversation, and find out about things they may have liked to do when they could see and hear
(This may give us ideas for future events)
4) We inform our service users of new supermarket products /food/drink items that we think they may like.

5) We encourage fun, playing and laughing!


 6) We inform our service users of events that are happening that we feel that may be interested in.


 7) We inform service users of recent news and current affairs – and inform them about what is happening in the world.

8) We work alongside local charities and disability groups in the area.

9) We encourage the stay up late campaign and help out at the lava lamp nightclub which is special nightclub for people with learning disabillities

10) We contact

Theatrical agents,
Production companies,
Events co-ordinators
etc. on a daily basis
Anyone who may be able to help by donating items or experiences which in turn can be distributed to the appropriate Deafblind person – the one who would benefit from the subject matter the most.

11) We organize transport to and from various locations whether it be a train, bus or car.

 12) We supplement our transport costs so the service user is not out of pocket
13) We remain a voluntary service and not a charity to keep the process more friendly and like family and less clinical and less red tape


 14) As we are not a charity we never ask the general public for money, although people can donate via our website if they wish to do so

15) We create awareness

The service is run completely by myself and my wife

Please find us on twitter,Facebook and Blogger  for more info visit