On Sunday the 3rd of march
Myself Claire and Jimmy
attended a fundraising football match
Organised by the Lucozade Power League
in Stanground Peterborough
Any more raised will go towards
Helping Jimmy who is both Deaf and Blind
have a holiday in 2013
None of us are football minded
but despite that we all had a fantastic day
Off to get the bus
Tea stop!
oooh the Lucozade Power League have a bar
Another tea stop
Jimmy won a free Twix
explaining the football
Jimmy was able to grab a seat which was brilliant as this
would put a stop to any moaning about standing up!
It also helped him to access the game
as his knees and feet was right up against the kick boards
so any contact with the ball and he would feel it
he also kept his hands on the side so he could feel any vibrations from around the pitch
he seemed to get a lot from doing this
(to the point that he told me to stop signing to him so he could keep his hands there!)
His hearing aids picked up enviromental noises
so he could hear the ball being kicked and the people cheering
when a goal was scored
Here it is folks the money shot!
Jimmy’s happy face
whilst watching football
Jimmy preparing to give out the trophie
– he was very tired at this point and was ready for his afternoon kip!
Every player was awarded wth a small trophy
and the winner was presented by jimmy with the large cup         
Jimmy and the Dalrod Onesies
Getting tired
Presenting the trophie to the winning teams captain
We had a totally amazing day
the staff was lovely and very friendly and accomodating
A huge thank you to Ruth
for organising everything
and also to Jodie who helped us out on the day