Well once again i find myself interpreting the obsurd lol!
Luckily we are old pro’s at this now as this will be out 8th time
so the bag of props has got smaller and smaller – the more Jimmy see’s and learns the less i have to take to aid explanation.

Tonights show i am armed with 2 barbies, 1 action man, a shoe lace, a plastic bottle, a meat hook and a 12″ hat pin!

Jimmy thinking happy thoughts before the show
I had been telling him about Jesus Manuel Fajardo Aceves
who would be in the show tonight and that we may be able to meet him
This condition is new to many of us so i can only imagine what images jimmy conjured up in his head

31 year old Mexican, Jesus Manuel Aceves, nicknamed Chuy (pronounced: Chewy), has a condition known a hypertrichosis, sometimes called Wolfitis or Werewolf Syndrome.
Chuy grew up in the rural Mexican town of Loreto, one of the few places on earth where his condition has ever been see

Jesus spoke very little English so i wrote him a note in spanish
Hola Mi amigo Jimmy es sordo y ciego puede sentir que su cara?
Hello My friend Jimmy is deafblind may feel your face?

This was truly a magic moment

Hannibal didnt get away without Jimmy swinging on his ears!

And checking his hair!

Shows like this are SO important! 
Once again it was a totally amazing night and Jimmy absolutely loved it 
These shows should never be taken on face value, theres a lot more to it than freaks,pain and the odd naked breast!
 there is always an element of learning in there somewhere
and jimmy ALWAYS learns something and takes that away with him
Tonight Jimmy learnt about the fear associated with the show and how people would scream and hide, before he would just take what i told him as fact as he would not see but tonight he even hid behind his hands at certain points of the show because of the pain and hurt they must have been feeling.
He has never done that before – in the 7 times we have been

Also he learnt about being individual
meeting Chuy was an amazing moment
and by allowing Jimmy to feel his face – opens up a whole new world of learning
he was asking questions all the way home
and i dare say this will continue for weeks to come 

A huge thank you to my wife to coming to give me emotional support
as its not the easiest show to interpret! 
i think she may have watched a few minutes of the show inbetween hiding behind her hands

A HUGE thank you to Hannibal, Dok hayze and Jesus (Chewy) for there help and support