I have Interpreted “The circus of horrors” now 8 times.
This has introduced a whole new world to Jimmy, and with a huge thanks to all of the cast
he has become quite a fan.
we normally attend the show, which i interpret using sign and props
and then if we are lucky we meet the cast after
the meet and greets have allowed Jimmy some first hand discoveries or piercings, stretchy skin and dwarfs!
All of which he never new about and discovered through the circus of horrors.
who says its not an educational show!
I try to use props for items that jimmy may not be over familiar with
this helps him to feel what they do and where they go and make a clearer picture in his head of what is happening
Meeting some of the cast also really helps a in some cases like hannibals and garry’s he can feel and discover things for himself – saying someone has stretchy skin means very little until you have felt it yourself, we can see the elasticity but jimmy wont.
The woman in a bottle was a problem at first as jimmy was confused how a real woman can fit in a tiny bottle!
i then designed a very expensive and accurate prop (a barbie and a platic evian bottle)  – which enables me to show the lady getting in and out of the bottle
Jimmy knows the dolls i use represent the people on stage and are not actual size!
i use them alot for acrobats, physical performers and contortionists.
The dolls are positioned and jimmy feels them
 Crude but it works!
has been a whole wealth of information
i use these to show and remind jimmy about the hooks
as its not an object that he comes across everyday so these act as a reminder, and also
show jimmy that this is very dangerous and something only hannibal does
Jimmy’s touch tour of Hannibal!
 He had never seen this before
 or felt these!
forked tongue anyone?


Barbie ready for hair lift

i have more props which i will add as i find them
props for
Anastasia – hair swing
Danny – light bulb,mini me figure, hoover pipe! rubber penis
dock Haze – magic knife for slit throat

My main reason for this post was to do a call out
for any cast members or fans that maybe able to help
i will need to know of new acts that have joined the circus of horrors and what they do – so i can keep ahead and start to gather appropriate props that i may need
If you can help in anyway
please do not hesitate to contact me
If you have never seen this amazing sshow
tickets and venues can be sorted by the links below