This is my friend Jimmy.
Jimmy was born Deaf and went blind in 1986
he is now in his 40’s
 Jimmy spends a great deal of his time
looking in charity shops and car boot sales trying to sniff out old toys.

  He has very clear memorys of toys that he had when he was little but sadly jimmy used to be very naughty (suprise suprise) and he used to break them.

we have been on the hunt for his old toys for many years now, this has taught jimmy about value, and antiques and he now knows and understands why some of his toys will be expensive to buy back and will also be very hard to find
This has also taught him about Ebay
His main love is Action man, the late 60’s model with the eagle eyes, blue pants and gripping hands
he used to have these when he was little but used to break them so his mum would buy him a new one – failing that he would flush them down the toilet!
 He often tells me the story of how he matched the pairs of action man boots up by sniffing them.
we have managed to find a few but sadly these recently dissapeared when Jimmy had workmen in his flat!
which was very sad as there was a lot of time effort and money to replace them.
It took Jimmy almost 8 years to find and save up for the 7 he had
So now we are starting again

we are also looking for any clothes and accessories – as these was also stolen

There was a couple of other figures as well which i have included below
I know a few toy dealers who keep on the look out for me and i am constantly scouring ebay, Jimmy plans to dress them up, and sniff them – of course and then display them, he understands that they are not for playing with now – and these are also to be kept, they will not be resold.
if anyone can help in anyway – even with accessories / clothes etc please contact me
box’s and  mint condition  is not necessary – as long as they have all there arms and legs and are in a reasonable condition – they can even be naked!
the key factor will be cheap!
i have made a list below of what we are after
( what Jimmy had and has now lost)
we are after any blonde haired/bearded action man 
eagle eyes or pre eagle eyes, must have blonde beard
 Talking Eagle eyes – we have now got
we have now got
we have now got

Six million Dollar man
we have now got but its missing socks and shoes and rubber on arm
Here is Jimmy with a friend who Deals in toys and Kindly gave Jimmy a few action men bit and peices to help start his collection again
If you can help in anyway
please contact me – JJ
I am jimmys best friend
who was a keen leader in the search for the action man mission
but sadly passed away this year – he is lovingly missed