The Lava Lamp is the only club night in Peterborough for adults with learning disabilities. What makes it even better is that it is organised by people with learning disabilities.
The Lava Lamp gives you the chance to experience a real night club. We have trained stewards who makes sure everyone is safe and happy and that you have a good time!
We also run workshops before the event which you can take part in.
There are DJ workshops which are run by Benny T. There are 4 workshops where you can learn to become a super star DJ and have your own time to DJ on the night!
There are also Stewarding workshops. These are if you want to help keep everyone safe and happy on the night, a bit like a bouncer. There are 4 workshops where you learn about health and safety and what to do in an emergency.  You will then be able to spend some time helping on the night!

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