Jimmy has met Mugly 3 times now
Each time Jimmy meets him he opens up a little bit more
We meet for a coffee and Mugly being Mugly seems to know the situation and is quite happy to sit on Jimmys lap while he has a stroke and a feel.
Jimmy then tells storys from his past and asks questions.
All of this is stimulated by and from Mugly
There is so much more happening than a stroke and a chat
Jimmy becomes inquisitive and engaging, he is remembering stories and memories from his past that
are happy memories
and most importantly he is mixing and communicating with other members of the public rather than justhe ones that work with him
our meeting with Mugly are presious – they lead to hours of stories and questions
and leave everybody feeling happy.
A huge thank you to Mugly – and of course Bev xx
Mugly and Donny Osmond
Mugly and the Hoff
Mugly and Keith Lemon
Mugly dressed as Bob Marley fro Jimmys birthday
Best Friends