Thank You Toy Fair
Extreme Clowning / 1st sensory legion enable
access to the world of entertainment and popular culture
for visually impaired and disabled adults.
We attended your fair on Wednesday and had an amazing time
We use toys all the time in our work
whether it is to aid discovery or stimulation
We use them in clowning, plus we hold large film and tv related events
where toys become fantastic items of reference 
we came with Jimmy who is both Deaf and Blind
and Matt who has Cerybal Palsy
 Both who enjoy toys in a completely different way
we all had an amazing day and met some lovely 
people and discovered some amazing products
If there are any companys who remember us
from the day and wish to donate any sample products
please contact JJ at –
Please have a looks at our photos of the day below
see you all next year
Jimmy’s first encounter with transformers
being able to feel the sheer size of this was amazing
we love OPTIMUS
discovering craft ideas that Jimmy could easily do on his own
he liked the idea of making these to give as presents
Matt researching novelty straws that build like plumbing!
different dinosaurs!
A great product we discovered which helped matt to use the muscles in his hands
bounce body suit!
Lego slippers
Aliens soft toys
This was one of them things that i didnt really want to show jimmy,
as i knew he would want a go!
Talking to the rubiks rep
they make a cube especially for visually impaired but it is not available
in shops, only through ordering directly from them
pig face!
Products which enable Jimmy to catch up on 
so many different things that he has missed out on
plush rock!
soft to touch, easy to hold
This was Matts request!
and as we are there to enable access…
Jimmy loves Schleich
they have taught him so much about animals
This was a great item as Jimmy could feel it moving
Matt on the over hand took a liking to the lady who was promoting the item!
This was a lovely item – soft to handle and very detailed
Go on Matt – SMACK HIM!
 Jimmys favorite items of the day!
He loves the Mr Men
 Well… Matt wanted to try it on!
 A Huge thank you to the guys who after 5 attempts 
managed to land the micro copter on Matt s chair tray
 This was new to Jimmy
He also managed to keep amazing control for a good amount of laps, 
he used his hand to feel the track and table to Gage where the car was and its speed
 a mere snip at £10,000
 The Highlight of the day!
Jimmy and his Hex Bug Harem!