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Feel the Force day was in the TOP 10 events in Peterborough !!!

Hi guys iv meant to send this for weeks but time keeps getting away from me I just wanted say a huge thank you for letting my family come to feel the force day it was a amazing day and we all had a really amazing time when you have a child with complex needs and two very fast sisters its near on impossible to find a day for all of us George loved being able to get close to the character and he loved the smell and touch table which is some thing we have carried on at home. Sisters loved everything they were very excited and mum and me loved catching up on the films making the costumes and loved the no guilt day I never felt George was left out and never had to ask the girls to stop while we sorted George thank you all who organized it your amazing thank you

Callum had a great time. definitely a success. he wants to know when you are doing it again! he actually lasted 1 1/2 hours which is a hands down record for him. great day JJ. give yourself a big pat on the back. see you soon Frank

    Brian Watson LOVE this.
    Liz Carran I wish you luck with everything. It will be the most fabulous event and I am looking forward to hearing all about it. X
  • JJ Lucia-wright I love you Claire thank you so much for your patience and help, we did it! X
  • Julia Hilliard Well done JJ, you should be really proud of what you done today, it was fantastic x
  • Sarah Hutchinson Well done jj Katie was full of it when she returned! Thanks for letting her be part of it x
  • Jeff Vader Ives Thanks for a great day jj …cant wait for e next one
  • joan Mooney Now take a breath, pause for five or more minutes before your next project hits the inter web Well done to you all xxxx
  • Bev Nicholson Fab job JJ and Claire Lucia-Wright you did an amazing job xx
  • Janet McNeill I agree – the day was amazing. Great idea JJ – everyone had a great time. Well done for all your hard work Clare and JJ.
  • Karen Armstrong We had a fantasic day. Throughly enjoyed it all. Luke loved the tombola and luke loves his dressing gown.. thankyou thankyou thankyou for a very wonderful day.x
  • Michaela Ives Was one troop that was the highlight of my year. Thanks for asking myself and Jeff to be part of this wonderful event. Can’t wait to the next one.
  • Phil Rubery What a fabulous day! Truly honoured to have been a very bit-part player in something that brought so much joy to so many people. Well done to everyone involved and hope to see you all soon. Xxx
  • Terry Mooney top notch mate
  • Liz Carran Ah thought it would be an outstanding success…x
  • maomomi Initiative It was a blast JJ + Claire! Enjoyed every minute of it…..well done again! Now go get a drink and reminisce xx
  • Karen Armstrong What a truly awsome day.. carnt wait for next years..x
  • Michaela Ives Great day great friends great atmosphere.
  • Michaela Ives Yayyyyyyyy great one mate was an amazing vday.
  • Michaela Ives Shame we can’t do this every day :))))))))
  • Kevin Whittle · Was a great day. 
  • Deborah McGee Congratulations….You are the BESTEST! ♡
  • Roy Lee Jess and I really enjoyed today. Really looking forward to your next event. Thank you
  • Si Howard Aaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhh!
  • Gary Mancini You did an amazing job JJ. Thanks so much for allowing us to film today. Lovely team, lovely people and some great interviews. Glad to hear you’ve booked for next year. Best – Gary, Fi & Dan.
  • Pam Rose Well done for all your hard work. from Pam and Alan xx
  • Michelle King well done hon it was an amazing day well done and thank you for letting us be part of it
  • Mark Mulcaster it’s in the diary!Was a great day, great atmosphere and a great cause!Well done to everyone who planned and participated!
  • Kelly Burrows I’m so glad that today was the huge success we all knew it would be xx May the force always be with you JJ xx
  • Solitaire London It was a wonderful day, very emotional, well done JJ and all the people who helped and fundraiser etc. Count me in for next year! Slave Leia xx
  • Frank Rockley callum said can he have a ticket please. it was fantastic. your on to a winner JJ wonderful day. and a terrific idea. let me know if you need any help fundraising.
  • Nick Joseph J J it was such a fantastic day. Well Done.
  • Demetri Yugovich Awesome, so looking forward to this
  • Andy Hall Amazing day
  • Katie Fraser It was a surreal experience and thank you for inviting me! I loved meeting Warwick and Ray and meeting you! You’re great in how you interacted with the children and adults with complex needs and they seemed to enjoy it and they all really looked fabulous in their costumes. 
  • Lisa Bloodworth Well done jj, you truly are an inspiration. Xx