The Insect Circus Museum
Leaving our mark on the Magic Mirror!
Abbi Collins

Abigail Collins – 
Amazing to watch JJ Lucia-wright at work tonight – JJ interprets live performance for deaf-blind people by signing for them. Absolutely incredible.

Shay Horay manuals!
And now Hocus Pocus
first the bearded lady
And now the bed of nails
 The old Victorian cabinet of curiosity’s
A farting dead cat!
A well dressed tortoise
Swallowing a large fork!
 Head Massage
The joke was ” here are 2 victorian dvd’s”
which i changed to old cd’s
jimmy just went yep – and took it as fact
so i then had to explain the joke from start to finish
we got there in the end but it took about 10 minutes!
  It was so great to see meet you Jimmy and Claire at Peterborough. When Jimmy laughed at all the Cabinet of Curiosities jokes and props, it was one of the most heart warming moments of my career, thank you – It’s brilliant what you do!!!