Extreme Clowning will be sending 2 colleagues to the London toy fair
to research new products that will be out in the coming year.
And if any of the new items can be used in our work

To someone with no sight or sound they are the ideal object of reference, they are fantastic for triggering memories and creating smiles.
They also can create independence and creativity .
And all of this can be done between the toy and the player – no 3rd party is involved which is very important as a lot of these people always have to have someone with them for them to go about there daily tasks

so it is nice for them to be able to do somethings on there own

Every so often  life provides very special people who are fully committed givers. These  people put all others in front of themselves, and selflessly
use  their energy to help the well being of those less fortunate than most of  us. My compliments   to Jonathan Lucia-Wright aka JJ… who has so
generously  and selflessly given his life and energy towards those of us that far  less fortunate. JJ has my unbending admiration for the work he is doing  for the Deaf/blind.. JJ has been using our product Tangle in his work  with the Deaf/blind with great results. we have marked behavioral  improvements and happiness in the the individuals.. we are very  fortunate to be able to further enable JJ to enhance his work with  Tangle.


Jimmy learning about different illnesses in a fun way thanks to Giant microbes

Here is a photo of Jimmy who is both deaf and blind and has recently started to do jigsaws

Jimmy was born deaf and went blind at the age of 18 – he is now 43

 Here is Jimmy discovering hex bugs for the first time

This is Jimmy plus his support in Metropolis toys

Searching for old action men figures that Jimmy used to have when he was a child, he could pair up his action mans boots by smell



Jimmy discovering Peppa pig 

Jimmy looking for toys at a car boot sale

Jimmy loves farm animals and he spends hours looking at the schleich collection

these toys have taught him so much about animals

Jimmy with discovering new toys at Hamleys and Toys r us

New toy discoveries in Denmark

Jimmy discovers the Moomins

Jimmy also discovers the Smurfs at the age of 42!
and then barbapappa

The large 15×15 rubiks cube triggers off a memory of a Rubiks snake that he used to have
so he bought one and now he plays with it to help him relax