but this year my time off from work has come when Jimmy has not had a great deal of money so instead of doing nothing we decided that we would pop down to kent later on in the year and meanwhile he will have a week with us just to break the routine.
So i have tried to plan things that are more personal than mega bucks!
we have a little funding that we will use on the last saturday of his week for a day out.

Sunday 29th
 The arrival – wave good bye to the chcolates!

An early Christmas present

shopping first

Looking at Mr Men T shirts

Mr Men pants!



then Goldhay arts at ten
to teach some Deafblind manual 
 The McDonald’s for lunch

and in the afternoon…


a quick burst of jimmy drumming but sadly the sound didn’t work!

And Belly Dancing!


we wake up to this! 

Hopefully going to have a head shave this week!

we was in the regional pool by 8:15 for 40 lengths!
(thats Jimmy – not me!)

and then coffee with mugly – we got asked to leave starbucks as they dont allow dogs – even hairless ones
so we went elsewhere

in the evening we had a takeaway
(something jimmy dosent have)


and jimmy asked for curry chicken and fried egg rice!



Jimmy greeting me first thing in the morning!

we went o see a friend and his children
Jimmy had a fantastic time
looking at toys and playing in the garden
 (and we had some hot homemade bread)

In the evening we decided to take Jimmy out for a meal – something different
that he would not normally do, original it was going to be an Indian but sadly our favorite has been closed down!

so we had a discussion and we opted for Italian – this was jimmy’s first experience of a proper Italian restaurant
he made us laugh when he ate most of the olives and then when we said to him “do you like them” he said not sure!

 Jimmy dipping his focaccia in oil like crusty bread in a cup-a-soup!

 yes – he picked up his calzone!
after all it is a pizza

in the evening jimmy wanted to try and write with his bottom!
dont ask!


Shopping for new t shirts

so he went for the alternative choice!
and yes i explained it…i get all the best jobs
he also bought one about staring at breasts

 Looking at the Nerf Guns in sainsburys – see what you have started Wayne?


It always bothers me how much there is on offer and how much jimmy actually knows about – so today in sainsburys we had an empty isle so we went from one end to the other and he felt everything, and what he didnt know he asked!
it took around 50 minutes – and yes he sniffed everything
he then went back and found the item that he wanted to buy and try without any problems

Jimmy REALLY loves this and all we do is measure out the ingredients and jimmy does the rest
This time we have gone for a Victoria Sponge

A very impressive cake if i may say!
it tasted amazing
next time meringues!


I have been trying to get Jimmy to the museum as it has recently re-opened and there is a lot more for him to feel now – as before there was nothing!
He really loved it – and he enjoys Learning so much – it really is a pleasure taking him to places like this

Indian Elephant skull

Map of Peterborough with wooden 3 dimensional models

This was fun! you had to put all of the cogs together in the right size order to make it work
he gave up in the end – it drove him a bit crackers

Another puzzle – this time he was not going to be defeated!
it took about 20 minutes but he did it!

Happy Hands – as he managed to complete the puzzle

Smelling different herd used in roman cooking

Mystery feeley box’s – a bit of a bus-mans holiday if im honest lol 
it was a walk in the park for jimmy

After the museum we went to Jimmy’s world grill
This is great as jimmy can try various food from around the world and all in the same restaraunt for a fixed price

he loves to try new things
so this was ideal

Spicy chicken meatballs (never had before) and honey fried chicken

Lamb rogun josh and poppadoms!
(never had before)

Stir fry noodles and beef
(never had before)
 This was amusing as you choose the raw ingredients and they cook it for you on the spot
jimmy was quite concerned that his meal was raw – and laughed his head off when i handed it to him cooked
i suppose it would be a odd concept if you have not experienced it before
the fact that it was cooked right in front of him

(never had before)

and 2 deserts consisting of fresh fruit and ice cream


At last Claire was off so we decided on a grand day out
Jimmy loves trains and has never been on the Nene Valley Railway

he didnt even know it was in Peterborough

We had a fantastic day – everything echoed memories
the old train , the smell, the feeling of the decor

And we even got to ride on Thomas
he remembers Thomas from his childhood and was very happy to hear about all of the children that was there and how happy  and excited they was to see Thomas

We went to  BBQ in the afternoon – in the rain

Jimmy met a lady named Sally who had recently had a baby
she let Jimmy feel the baby’s hand – and how tiny it was
Jimmy loved this
another beautiful moment

 And then into a taxi and onto Jonathans 21st

Jimmy loves to learn about Jonathan 
and Jonathan loves to learn about Jimmy
quite a remarkable pair


Jimmy meets Linda
quite a remarkable pair lol


We went to the in-laws for dinner
we also introduced Jimmy to Aldi has he did not know about it, we just wanted him to be aware that there is cheaper options

 Spending time with Molly cat

 Having a deep and meaningful conversation with claire….

That went on a bit!

And then dinner and home made cheese cake – WOO HOO

We had a great week with Jimmy and to be honest we didnt want him to go home
normally we reach a stage when we have had enough – but not this week
he was brilliant and we are planning another week at ours during half term

Funded by

Phil Rubery
Gary starr
Jenny Hollingworth